How to make tuna fish

How to make tuna fish, many mothers seek to prepare meals with extra value and great nutritional value for their family members.


Fish occupies the list of varieties of food rich in nutrients and beneficial vitamins that the body needs in America. Therefore, we present the method of "making tuna fish in the oven."


How to make tuna fish


·         Tuna.

·         garlic.

·         zucchini.

·         Potato.

·         celery.

·         Balls.

·         Onions.

·         Carrots.

·         Potatoes.

·         Thyme.

·         Lemon.

·         vinegar.

·         Refundable.

·         olive oil.

·         Salt - pepper.


How to prepare tuna fish

·         Chop the balls and onions and put them on fire in olive oil with garlic, potatoes, zucchini, carrots, and potatoes.

·         Stir them a little, then remove the vegetables from the bowl, and use the rest of the mixture to fill the tuna fish.

·         Add a pinch of grated zucchini and carrots to the filling.

·         Wrap the fish with a thread after cracks are made in the back of the fish. Put the sauteed vegetables next to the fish. Water it with lemon juice, olive oil, and vinegar and put it in a hot oven until it becomes tender, then serve it.


How to make tuna at home

In general, seafood meals are among the strongest meals for which people go to restaurants that serve seafood, to eat their favorite meals.


Here, in this article, we brought you two ways to prepare delicious tuna, which we confine to specific preparation methods.


As for here, we will present a way to prepare it in the oven and a wonderful seasoning for frying, both of which you will like, and with confidence, you will love tuna after today.



·         A kilo of tuna.

·         Half a kilo of potatoes, cut into medium, even rings.

·         Two sticks of celery.

·         Half a packet of parsley.

·         Half a bundle of dill.

·         Two fruits of turkey pepper.

·         Fruit juice of a fresh lemon.

·         A large grated onion.

·         5 cloves of crushed garlic.

·         Half a tablespoon of fine cumin.

·         salt.

·         black pepper.


How to prepare tuna fish at home

·         Make sure that the tuna is completely clean, so soak it in water, lemon, and vinegar, leave it soaked for half an hour, then rub it with flour, then rinse it with water and let it drain.

·         And in another bowl, put garlic + salt + dill + parsley + celery + salt + black pepper + cumin, and mix all the ingredients well, until you get homogeneous ingredients.

·         Add the pepper to the ingredients after cutting it into suitable pieces, then add the garlic as well.

·         Bring the electric kibbeh, and add all the ingredients in it until we have a homogeneous mixture.

·         Fill the fish with this seasoning.

·         Bring a tray and add potato rings in it after seasoning, and add fish after filling.

·         And don't forget to chop the onion into rings and place it over the potatoes after seasoning.

·         Sprinkle a little oil on the face before entering the oven tray.

·         Put the tray in the oven until it becomes ripe, and do not forget to add a cup of boiling water to help the fish and vegetables ripen.