How to make pasta fish

The way fish pasta is made, the fish meal is one of the delicious and favorite meals for the American people and the world all due to its delicious and delicious taste.

It is also easy to eat and has many benefits as it is a rich source of protein that contains little fat, and doctors consider it a mineral mine because it contains iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, potassium, and magnesium and is rich in omega-3.

Fish promotes heart and arterial health, protects against Alzheimer's, stimulates memory, and strengthens it, so it is recommended to eat it at least once a week because of its benefits. Here is the way my lady: Fried and crunchy pasta dish with cinnamon fish rice in simple steps.

How to make pasta fish



·         A kilo of medium-sized pasta fish.

·         A tablespoon of fish spices.

·         A tablespoon of garlic powder.

·         1 teaspoon cumin.

·         Chili as desired.

·         Salt, to taste.

·         Lemon juice.

Ingredients for preparing pasta fish shell

·         A cup of flour.

·         Half a cup of starch.

·         Half a teaspoon of cumin.

·         Half a teaspoon of fish spices.

·         Corn, salt, and spicy.

Ingredients for preparing fish rice with cinnamon

·         Two cups of rice.

·         Two tablespoons of oil.

·         1 large onion, chopped.

·         Two cups of boiling water.

·         Salt, to taste.

·         One tablespoon of cinnamon powder.

How to make pasta fish

We bring a kilo of medium-sized pasta fish and wash it well from the outside and inside and remove any impurities present in the income, then we wash it and soak it for five minutes in salt, lemon, and a little water, then rinse it again with lukewarm water and leave it until the water in it is filtered.

We marinate the fish by bringing a bowl of "dish" and put in it both a tablespoon of fish spices, a tablespoon of garlic powder, a teaspoon of cumin, salt, hot sauce as desired, and the juice of a lemon. So that the fish meat is saturated with the flavor of the seasoning mixture.

Fish rice preparation and processing

We prepare the rice until the fish is seasoned, where we put a bowl on the fire and put three tablespoons of oil in it and wait for it to heat up, then add a leaf of bay leaf to it, then add the large chopped onion fruit and stir until it wilts and becomes golden in color.

Then we put two cups of washed and well-drained rice of water and a tablespoon of cinnamon and salt and stir until it is rough, then we put two cups of boiling water and stir well and wait until the rice absorbs the water and cool the fire until it is cooked.


Preparing the frying and fish mixture for frying and making it crunchy

After the fish has been marinated and left for half an hour, we bring a bowl and put in it a cup of flour, half a cup of starch and a teaspoon of fish and cumin spices, a grain of salt and hot sauce, and turn them well until they are mixed.

We put the fish in the mixture and press it well, then turn it over on the other side and press it until the flour catches it and repeat the same step until we finish the amount of pasta fish available.

We put the frying pan on the fire with abundant oil and wait for it to heat up, then put the fish and wait until it turns brown and takes a distinctive color, and flip it on the other side until it is cooked and becomes golden in color.

We repeat the same step with the rest of the fish, then we remove the fish from the oil and filter it completely, and put it on kitchen tissues.

Fourth, fried and crispy fish pasta with fish rice

After the fish has been fried and the rice is cooked, remove the rice from the stove and leave it until it calms down.

Then we put the rice on a plate and turn it into a serving dish, and we put the pasta fish in another serving dish decorated with parsley leaves and lemon slices and served with a green salad dish.