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How to make Italian pizza

How to make Italian pizza, Here is how to prepare the best pizza from Italian cuisine, characterized by its crisp and soft taste, and the fastest and easiest way.

 How to make Italian pizza


·         Instant yeast: 1 teaspoon

·         Sugar: 1 teaspoon.

·         Warm water: a cup.

·         Flour: two and a half cups.

·         Olive oil: 2 tbsp.

·         Salt: a teaspoon.


How to make Italian pizza

How to prepare

1. Dissolve the yeast and sugar in warm water and leave it for 10 minutes until it is hot.

2. Mix the flour, salt, and oil in a bowl, add water, yeast, and sugar, and knead until a soft, mold able dough is formed.

3. Leave the dough to rest for 5 minutes.

4. Spread the dough on a sprinkled surface and make pizza with your favorite ingredients.


A quick way to make pizza

Not much is different from the love of pizza, so they look for a way to make quick pizza of all kinds, whether Italian, vegetables, chicken, or mushrooms, in addition to fruit pizza and other delicious foods.


What is pizza

It is a type of food that is included in the list of eastern and western dishes, everyone loves to eat it, and because it is easy to prepare, everyone, but one of the most innovative countries in the manufacture of pizza in Italy.


How to prepare Italian pizza

Many people ask about how to make fast Italian pizza, so they have to try the following:



·         Flour.

·         salt.

·         olive oil.

·         sugar.

·         Warm milk.

·         yeast.

·         Mozzarella cheese

·         Mushroom or mushroom plant.

·         Sweet colored pepper.

·         Thyme.

·         sauce.


How to prepare:

·         We prepare a bottle container in which four cups of white flour are placed, then pour a cup of milk at room temperature or a little hot with half a cup of olive oil with a grain of sugar and salt, as desired, with good stirring of the dry ingredients.

·         Bring half a cup of warm water, put yeast in it, stir it with sugar and leave until it reacts and forms a fizzing reaction, then it is added to the previous dry ingredients and kneading well for five minutes.

·         Then we start forming the dough into a ball and you wrap the container with a piece of cloth and keep it covered for a period of sixty to ninety minutes.

·         Then we bring a tray with a simple layer of oil and put a dough ball in it and start rolling the dough in a circular motion that resembles a tray in size and shape.

·         Then we start putting two tablespoons of the sauce on top of the dough, spreading the sauce on all parts of the circle, then put the chopped mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, pickled olives, and thyme.

·         Finally, the oven is set at a temperature from one hundred eighty degrees Celsius to two hundred degrees Celsius, then we put the pizza in the oven and leave it for thirty minutes until it is completely done.


How to prepare chicken pizza

For those looking for a way to make quick pizza with the taste of chicken, they should follow the following:



·         Brown flour.

·         Oats.

·         Powdered milk.

·         Yeast Fayre.

·         A cup of warm water.

·         salt.

·         Onions.

·         garlic.

·         tomato juice.

·         green pepper.

·         ketchup.

·         Chicken boneless and chopped.

·         cheddar cheese.

·         Spices.

·         Flaxseed.


How to prepare:

·         A deep dish is brought in, in which the flour, salt, oats, powdered milk, yeast, and half a cup of warm water are placed, and we keep stirring until we get a coherent dough and then put the oil while stirring.

·         Cover the dough ball with a piece of nylon or cloth paper and place it in a place with a slightly high temperature in order to help the dough to ferment quickly.

·         Then we begin to bring a frying pan in which we put the finely chopped onions and chopped garlic while stirring until they change color to brown or red, then pour the tomato juice with the green pepper and continue stirring.

·         In the same saucepan preparing the sauce, place the boneless chicken pieces, stirring, until it changes color, becomes cooked, and takes on a red color.

·         Then we bring a flat tray with low edges and put a touch of oil in it and start rolling out the dough in the shape of the tray.

·         Then pour the sauce over the face of the eye and cover the face of the gene completely with the sauce, then spread the chicken pieces and chopped mozzarella cheese.

·         Then the tray is wrapped again and left for thirty minutes at the same time. The oven is prepared at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees Celsius, then the cover of the tray is removed and the oven is entered for thirty minutes.

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