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How to make American pizza

 How to make American pizza, is an American pizza famous for the city of Detroit, in the state of Michigan, and it is one of the famous pizza ways in America.



To make pizza dough:

·         1/4 cup warm water.

·         1/2 cup flour.

·         1/4 cup oil.

·         2 teaspoons of sugar.

·         4 teaspoons salt.

·         2 teaspoons yeast.


How to make American pizza

To make pizza sauce:

·         28 grams of basil tomato paste.

·         2 cloves of chopped tomatoes.

·         1 tablespoon of olive oil.

·         2 teaspoons sugar.

·         1 teaspoon salt.

·         Small hanging ground black pepper.

·         2 small tablespoons of Italian spices (you will find them in the supermarket or at the attar).


To make pizza filling

·         hanging butter at room temperature.

·         Pepperoni pieces, medium thickness.

·         Mozzarella cheese, cut into cubes.


How to prepare American pizza


Pizza dough:

·         Mix the ingredients.

·         Add salt, sugar, and yeast to 1/4 cup of warm water and leave it for a minute.

·         Put the yeast mixture in the kneader and add flour and olive oil to it, then knead it until the dough becomes smooth and leave for half an hour to rest at least after covering it.


Tomato sauce:

·         Bring the ingredients for the tomato sauce and place them on a plate.

·         Mix all ingredients and mix them well.

·         Preheat the oven to a temperature between 230 to 260 degrees, then bring a tray suitable for the size of the dough and wipe its surface with butter.

·         Anoint your fingers with olive oil and press the dough and spread it out to the extent that it has an even thickness.

·         After rolling out the dough in the tray, put the tomato sauce and spread it on the dough.

·         Add cheese cubes to the dough and distribute it, and don't forget to put the cheese on the edges of the dough.

·         Add pepperoni slices and spread them over the cheese cubes, then add a little tomato sauce to the wash and put it in the oven under a temperature between 230 to 260 degrees.

·         Place them in the lower rack of the oven for 20 minutes, and follow them until they are cooked and take on a golden color and be that way.

·         We remove the pizza from the tray quietly and cut it with a pizza cutter and put it on a serving plate.


How to make pizza with meat from the American kitchen

Pizza, the dish that does not differ by two, is everyone's favorite, whether it is vegetables or chicken, we chose for you from my lady’s kitchen, a pizza with meat from the American kitchen.



·         Tomato sauce: 50 gr.

·         Cheddar cheese: 70 gr.

·         Meat: 100 gr (spiced cooked: barbecue sauce, onion, salt, and vegetable oil)

·         Olive oil: 15 gr.

·         Salt: pinch (to taste).

·         Black pepper: Sprinkle (to taste).

·         Oregano: Sprinkle.

·         Flour: 500 gr.

·         Yeast: 15 gr.

·         Sugar: a pinch.

·         Water: 250 ml.

·         Eggs: 1 pcs.

·         Butter: 5 gr.


How to prepare American beef pizza

·         Sift 500 grams of flour and then mix with 15 grams of yeast, sugar, and salt.

·         Then form a hole in the middle and put 250 ml of water, 7 g of olive oil, and an egg and knead until it becomes a paste.

·         Then add 5 grams of butter to it and knead until it becomes smooth to the touch, to give it later the shape of a ball weighing 180 grams.

·         Then it is covered and left in a warm place for 10 minutes until ready to use.

·         After preparing the dough, we cut it according to the desired size, and then work on parchment to put it in the tray (according to the desire of each person), then add the ingredients to the dough, and then enter it into the oven for 10 to 15 minutes to mature.

·         Cut the pizza and serve hot.

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